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Market Opportunity

Development Stage


Total Sites


Total Capacity

$150K-$180K / MW

RTB Value


Total Minimum Value
About Us
About Nova Energy Corporation

Empowering Growth: Wind & Solar Energy in the Philippines

Nova Energy Corporation is a renewable energy company focused on the pre-development of wind energy farms and solar panels in the Philippines. We make it easier for foreign and local investors in partnership with Nova Energy to start building and operating wind farms and solar panels in the Philippines by doing all the heavy lifting from acquiring the sites, all required documentations and permits including service contracts up to the site being ready to build for the developers and operators of the wind farms and solar panels.

Investment Opportunity

Pre-selling price: $75K / MW (to be used for all pre-dev activities)

RTB Value (future contract/buyers selling price): $150K - $180K / MW

Potential Returns after 2 - 3 yrs when RTB: $75K - 105K / MW

Renewable Power Unleashed: Wind & Solar in the Philippines

The Philippines boasts abundant wind potential, particularly offshore, with an estimated capacity exceeding 178 GW. By harnessing 21 GW of offshore wind power by 2040, the country can meet its escalating energy demands while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and advancing decarbonization efforts.

The government has implemented favorable policies, including feed-in tariffs and streamlined permitting, fostering an attractive investment climate for renewable energy. Wind and solar energy projects not only stimulate job creation and local economic growth but also ensure sustainable development and improved energy access.

As a leading investment destination for renewable energy in Southeast Asia, the Philippines offers promising opportunities for both local and foreign investors. With its favorable policy environment, vast wind resources, and growing renewable energy market, the country is primed for the transition towards clean and sustainable energy.

Current Site Status

Total Sites of Nova Energy Corp: 14

Sites with Notice to Proceed from DoE: 6

Service Contracts To Be Released: 6 by July 2023


Sustainable Wind & Solar Solutions

To provide a streamlined process for foreign and local investors in partnership with Nova Energy to develop and operate READY-TO-BUILD wind farms in the Philippines


Sustainable Wind & Solar Empowerment

To be the leading provider of pre-development services for wind energy projects in the Philippines, and help the country transition to a clean and sustainable energy future.

The Problems

What Investors Face


Investors having a hard time navigating Philippine Government rules and laws.


Investors need to go through several paperwork and filing for permits that takes so much of their time.


Partnering with local developers may cause unnecessary steps which make the process much longer than it should and involves more procedures, forms, or rules that make sense.


What We Can Do For You


Allows foreign investors to avoid bureaucracy and focus on their strengths, such as bringing in technology and expertise.


NOVA Energy takes on the risk of developing the project from scratch to RTB stage.


Foreign Investors can easily be part of the project at a shovel ready stage.

Team Members

Experienced Team Members